Made In Bermuda Festival Set For September [BERNEWS]

The Made in Bermuda festival is set to be held from September 1 to September 4, featuring an entire cast of Bermudian performers as the main attraction.

A spokesperson said, “Now in its second year, Made in Bermuda is back by popular demand. Made in Bermuda is the only event of its kind featuring an entire cast of Bermudian performers as the main attraction.

“This year’s event has grown into a four-day festival featuring:

  • Friday – Rising Stars: A Youth Party-Showcase;
  • Saturday – The Sophisticated Party Experience;
  • Sunday – Made In Bermuda Concert: The Main Event;
  • Monday – Raft Up: The Finale – Summer Boat Party

“Support for this project is a vote of confidence in the entertainment and artistic culture of our people.

“Last year, on November 4 at the City Hall Theatre, over 250 guests attended an all-star evening of local talent and entertainment. Jessie Seymour, Shelia Smith, Lloyd Holder, Olivia Hamilton, Sia Spence and the Wall-Street Band WOWed the audience and left them wanting more.

“Made in Bermuda was built around the premise that Bermuda boasts great artists and musicians that can headline their own concert event. Guests can expect a great time from beginning to end at Made in Bermuda Festival. The weekend will kick-off on Friday with the Rising Stars Concert featuring the best of Bermuda’s up and coming artists.

“Saturday will feature an evening party with a touch of sophistication featuring live acoustic performances from veteran all-stars followed by local-led DJ dance party. Sunday is the Main Event, a live concert featuring artist performances on the main stage along with various performances and artistic displays throughout the festival courtyard.

“The festival will conclude with a Monday Raft Up: The Finale – Summer Boat Party.”

For more information, visit the website, the Facebook page, the Twitter page, and the Instagram page.